Maple Ridge Stables offers some of the best trail riding in Michigan.  We are strategically located adjacent to the Mackinaw State Forest, and 8 square miles of Northern Michigan Wilderness.

We are open from April 1st thru October 30th for group and private lessons.

 Trail riding is open from April 1st thru November 28th respecting weather conditions. 

Ranch hours are Monday thru Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Novice riders are encouraged to spend some time in the arena with one of our staff for a brief lesson before venturing out on the trails.  Our experienced staff, well trained horses and sandy trails make a great place to begin your horse experience.  We’ll help you develop your confidence and give you the fundamental  training needed to truly enjoy your riding experience.   Our goal is to make every trail ride a fun, safe and exciting experience.

Intermediate and Experienced riders can choose from one of our one, two or three hour guided trail rides offering a variety of terrain for the more adventurous rider.   We’ll even pack you a picnic lunch to eat on the trail if you’d like.  The options  are endless and so is the fun!

Please be aware that all trail rides are “walk/trot” rides unless directed otherwise by your guide.  They will determine if everyone in the group is comfortable enough to move at a quicker pace.

All trail rides are guided, and reservations are required. 

Trail Ride Fee is $45.00 per hour per horse, or you may choose the 1-1/2 hour for $55 or the two hour adventure for $80.  Please call to arrange the perfect time and choose the right length of time for your ride.  

Please note that we reserve the right to changes rates without notice and are not obligated to honor rates from outdated literature.

Helmets are required for all riders under the age of 18 years.

All riders are required to complete and sign a Hold Harmless Agreement and must acknowledge that they are aware of the inherent danger present in any equine activity.  If bringing minors, please have parent or guardian complete the "Hold Harmless" form you can print from this link.

Hold Harmless Agreement

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