Horseback Riding Lessons

Quick question, have you ever heard someone say they regretted taking riding lessons?

Its never too late to give us a call today.

Outline of Class Age and Activity Requirements

Young Riders - Ages 7-8 
Horse Sense, Rules and Reasons....Stop - Start and Stay on the horse. Each rider is paired with a more advanced student to gain confidence and play games on horseback. (The additional $5 fee is paid directly to the partnering student). This is typically a summer only program lasting 12 weeks.  If your rider loves it, we can move them into a class that will complete the season through October.

Beginner Classes I - Ages 9 - 12
Learn to groom, saddle and care for your horse. Learn to ride at the walk/trot correctly and with confidence. You will navigate small obstacles, practice form and use your natural aids to control your horse both seated and from the ground. Your level will be based on age and outcome of written and riding test.

Intermediate Level I - Ages 10 - 16
Horsemanship, breeds and markings and care of horses with knowledge of parasites and diseases.  Riding will consist of balance, speed and control at the trot and canter.

Intermediate Level II - Ages 10 -16
Beginning jumpers and students wishing to compete in speed events. Riding more advanced patterns, obstacles and with greater confidence. Students testing into this level must be prepared to devote more time and energy to their riding; which means a greater commitment by parents for transportation and support. 

Advanced Class Level I & II - Ages 12 -18
This class will perfect their riding. We will work on lead changes, roll backs, reining, horse behavior and basic training. These students will perform and participate in competitive events. This class of student is spending more time at the barn than at home. They are hard working, committed and dedicated. They bring an unparalleled level of sportsmanship and teamwork to working with other students and each other. These riders are not only talented, but hard working and compassionate. 

Drill Team - Mounted Archery - Vaulting - Barrel Racing - Pole Bending
This is a separate class and practices are scheduled as needed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Students must be confident around the horses and have a balanced seat before advancing to these activities. 

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