Horses for Sale

Please watch this page for opportunities to find the horse of your dreams.  We do not buy horses to sell, so please do not contact us to purchase your horses.   However, we do occasionally get a horse that we work with in order to find them a "forever" home.  Those horses will be listed here.  You will get accurate information, honest assessments and plenty of opportunity to work with the horse you choose.  

We can happily say that we have NO horses available for sale at this time.  It is nice to see them all settled in forever homes.

Please keep in mind that we have a tremendous responsibility when we assume the care of an animal the size of a horse.  Many people find themselves physically and financially overwhelmed.

 We at Maple Ridge Stables, LLC  encourage those people to reach out to Horse North Rescue.  They provide an excellent service in helping to find these horses food, shelter and forever homes.
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